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Back in Stock Hurry!!!

Get your Magnet Menorah Today!

Enjoy Chanukah without straps, bulbs or loose wires!

Order Now! Click Here!$299$195
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Magnets are Strong

Menorah is attached to car with four strong magnets with soft magnet cover to prevent scrapes.

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LED Lights

Bright lighting system lights up entire Menorah. One button turns on each nights lights.

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Custom Decals

Scratch and UV resistant decals. For personalized message contact us.


  • Durable Design Built to Last
  • Lightweight and Hassle Free
  • No Metal = No Scratches!
  • Easy-to-Carry Handle
  • One Button Turns On Each Nights Lights
  • Security – Sign lock Available
  • New - Flashing Menorah Lights
Order Now! Click Here! $299$195

On the Street

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